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How Calluna Labs Helped Me

Calluna labs has been truly a blessing for me.

I went on a pharmaceutical roulette and experienced toxic sides effects! I dislocated my hip and had to take opioids which caused not only anxiety but also stomach ulcers. Obviously I was prescribe an anti-anxiety pills and acid blockers!  I refused to take both. I knew I couldn’t do this to my body. I had seen the effects of all these medicines on close relatives. As you would know it is easy to take medicines and feel better but it comes at a cost...side effects and more pills. Now I am not saying stop having your medicines as some are truly essential but be wary of the side effects and their impact on your body!


Any how, after months of research, I discovered hemp-derived CBD. It sounded almost too good to be true and some of the brands I tried actually were. In this unregulated market, I wanted to bring integrity and professionalism from my corporate experience and create a clean line that I could share with my family and friends, something that works like a miracle and is unadulterated by heavy metals and pesticides. And I did! I created the Calluna Labs line.     

I benefited from it and I invite you to experience a positive difference as well!  

Have a blissful day!