5 Myths about CBD you need to know now!

Following the evolving use of CBD throughout the world, many controversial and false statements are also being circulated for no reason but to distract the mind of readers. It is true that at some places, CBD is overhyped and some of the claims are completely illogical. For example, if you bathe in CBD oil overnight, you will live forever. If only that was true! Anyways, let’s bust some myths! 

5 myths you must need to know about CBD

Myth 1: There is no scientific evidence for CBD use to treat health conditions

Although CBD is scientifically approved to treat a small number of health conditions, the claim that CBD is not scientifically proven for the treatment of any health condition is simply not accurate. 

Recently, the FDA ( food and drug regulatory authority) has approved a CBD-based medication to treat seizures that are difficult to manage and treat. This medicine named Epidiolox is the first cannabis-based medication that is scientifically approved by regulatory authorities. This CBD-based medication has shown promising therapeutic results during clinical trials that force the FDA to approve it.

Therefore it is unfair to say that there is no scientific evidence of CBD to treat health conditions.

Myth 2: CBD is a narcotic compound so it lacks research 

It is a truth that CBD is a schedule 1 narcotic that makes it difficult to research.  Being difficult does not mean it is impossible to occur. Some U.S universities have been granted permission to research the plants. This research is also available for us to review and study.

Israel was declared the first country to study cannabis plants for their medicinal uses. Another study and research have been carried out at Columbia University to evaluate the use of CBD for the treatment of glioblastoma.

Now different kinds of studies from a range of countries like Italy, Brazil, etc are available for providing researched-based information about CBD. Keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, it is misleading to announce that “ Uptill now no research has been done on CBD”

Myth3:CBD is a marketing tool or scam

The healthcare industries want to make money more than wellness and that’s why CBD un-necessarily becomes part of many cosmetic and wellness products. Don’t lose hope, not  EVERY CBD product is a scam. Look for more information about the company on its about page, moreover, review lab results, and most of all, look for transparency in the formulation. 

Myth 4: CBD does not work for me even I used it for a week

5 Myths about CBD you need to educate yourself about

  CBD works differently on each individual based on several variables such as body weight, metabolism, body chemistry, condition you are treating, and the dosing. Depending on your body weight and condition you might need a higher dosage to get the full effect. In some cases, consistent use for a longer duration is needed to achieve optimal results. Before trying CBD, be sure to talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage and any potential risks.

Myth 5: CBD is a magical substance without any side-effects

A common belief about natural substances is to see them as sound and safe without any major side effects. This is a complete misconception. There is no logic to label any natural substance to be safe. Many natural and herbal medicines are reported to have life-threatening situations. They are also natural but not safe. CBD-based same in the case of CBD has the potential to interact with several medicinal drugs and results in serious side effects. Harvard health publishing mentions that CBD can cause some fatal adverse effects along with minor side effects like nausea, irritability, and fatigue in few individuals. CBD may interact with blood thinner medications and raise its blood level in the body. Few medications are also contra-indicated with CBD like thyroid medication and, blood thinners.

Final word

Don't fall into the trap of myth and misleading information. Do your research! Hope we helped bust some myths around CBD for you. 

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