What are work burnout symptoms and how to deal with them?

Work burnout is a common issue faced by many employees in today's fast-paced work environment. It is a specific type of work-related stress that results in physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. The causes of work burnout can vary, including job stress, increasing age, feeling undervalued at work, and imbalanced work-life.

It is important to note that while stress is a major cause of work burnout, the two are not the same. Stress can temporarily affect one's health and work but work burnout causes long-lasting damage to emotional and mental health. Symptoms of work burnout include feeling drained and tired, frequent headaches and muscle pain, lack of motivation, and behavioral changes such as quitting socializing and skipping work.

To manage work burnout, it is important to take steps to reduce the burden of work by asking for help, improving the work environment, managing workload, and taking a break. Asking for help from coworkers or requesting assistants can help ease the workload without compromising the quality of work. Improving the work environment by making it more comfortable can also help to reduce fatigue and improve productivity. Discussing alternative plans with the supervisor and taking a vacation can also provide relief from work-related stress. It is crucial to take action before work burnout causes permanent damage to one's emotional and mental health.

    Natural tips to boost your mood when dealing with work burnout:

    • Improving your work environment:  Assess your working environment, and see if you can make it more comfortable in any way. If your job requires you to sit in the same position for extended hours, a better chair with back support, can help reduce the fatigue factor. Add plants to your office space to reduce stress. In fact, A research study conducted at Exeter University in the U.K. found that indoor plants can improve concentration, productivity and staff well-being by 47%
    • Pause, Relax and Restart: Take a wellness day off from work to help you restore energy levels. 
    • Try CBD oil to relieve stress; CBD is reported to give a calming sensation and reduce stress. A small dosage in your morning tea or coffee may help you focus better. We suggest Calluna Labs Full Spectrum 1000mg taken twice a day. 
    • Start exercising: Exercise is the best way to increase physical activity and divert the mind from stressful scenarios.10 minutes of exercise can boost the mood by releasing endorphins the “happy” hormones
    • Mindfulness: At the workplace, this practice helps you focus on your present and tackle immediate projects with minimal distractions. 

    Bottom line:

    Work burnouts can drain you emotionally and lead to long-lasting  consequences. Therefore it is important to keep a check on your mental and emotional health by regularly monitoring work-related stress. Work burnouts can be managed once you realize its there.