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Our Founder

Sonia Salam is passionate about spreading happiness through beauty and wellness. She deeply values inclusion and diversity and is committed to
creating a welcoming environment for all to heal and flourish from the inside

Sonia has spent her career creating high-performance brands at Fortune 500
companies such as Unilever, Chrysler, and Aramark. A few years ago, she was
looking for a natural wellness supplement to manage her stress and
overstressed skin and fell in love with the hemp plant for its therapeutic
properties. She quit her job and committed herself to creating a clean and
cruelty-free wellness line for all to enjoy. She especially enjoyed creating the
topical skincare line using traditional recipes from Pakistan with a global flare to restore and balance the skin to its original glory.

When she is not working, she loves traveling and can be found in the oldest
markets across the globe, exploring traditional wellness secrets, No wonder
her products have an international heart!