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Natural Skincare Designed for Diverse Skin Types SKIN CARE


Recovery from Inside Out CBD EDIBLE OILS


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We are a wellness movement that brings guilt-free joy in beauty and selfcare for all to enjoy in a safe and inclusive environment.

The Story Behind Our Highly Rated Skincare


I never write reviews but the Full Spectrum CBD Oil is amazing! I can finally sleep through the night after god knows how many years!!! My migraine frequency has decreased considerably. I cant believe this CBD oil made such a big difference to my life! Thank you!

Aisha S

I have been using the muscle rub by Calluna Labs and it’s been wonderful. After a long day, it helps my muscle relax and get rids Of my pain. I have found it extremely help and it get rids Of my neck and shoulder discomfort. I would highly recommend the Muscle Rub

Fatima Sidra

"I never had acne growing up! I always said I was blessed with good skin but all of a sudden,I had big painful bumps on my chin and jawline! I consulted with a dermatologist and she said it was hormonal acne and prescribed me spironolactone! I was already taking other medications due to my heart condition and it would affect my kidney! So, I did the next best thing I went to Target and bought a bunch of acne creams! Desperate, bad choice I would say! They were so drying and my skin actually got burnt from Benzoyl Peroxide!I came across a post from Calluna Labs and thought I would give it a try! After all its natural and affordable so why not! I ordered it online and received it within 2 days. OMG like OMG I absolutely love it! I have been trying it for over a week now and my ACNE bumps are actually subsiding. My skin also has anamazing glow! I will definitely be buying again!"

Karen Boyd

@callunalabs brands just keep hitting it out of the park. I snapped a pic of a few of the products I’m using. The rub helped me so much during my time of the month. The gold elixir in 2 days showed improvement, and it’s all natural Ingredients. Women made, women owned... totally worth checking out, you won’t be disappointed.


This stuff! this amazing CBD Elixir face product is rocking my world. It smells like Tata Harper products (organic, herbal, and fresh) But has a functionality that is unsurpassed. I’ve been spending top dollar on skincare my whole life, as it’s very important to me (and my BFF repped Obagi, and other medical grade skincare products for years @vipeel.mountain ) So I know good skin care when I see it. This stuff improved my sun and age spots in only a few days, it moisturizes intensely but gently, and provides a youngness to the texture that you have to see to believe. I want to bathe in it! Traditionally I have mostly only consumed CBD oil, but @callunalabs thank you for converting me over to CBD for skincare now too! Totally worth $64.95. And they have quality full spectrum and isolate CBD oils, and a killer muscle rub that I also love.